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Travel Blog

All about Travelling the world. Travel tips, ideas and much much more. 

Tech Blog

Latest Tech new, reviews  and our opinions overall on where the tech is moving. 

Lifestyle Blog

All about little things in our life to make it better and more engaging.





Listen to all about tech news, the happenings in the tech world. 


Travelling the world full time is an experience which cant be described in words but we are doing as much as we can. 


All of us at TheShutterCast is young and is exploring alot of options in their life. The story behind curtains is also interesting. 

Guest Speaker

We will soon be bringing more and more guest to our podcast. Stay Tuned!


General day to day life things. 


Everyone needs a little push, we have alots of stories to give you that push to get out of your comfort zone and do what you always wanted to do. 




Coming Soon


Custom PC

We design beautiful hardware which is powerful for a lot of work. 

Content Creator

We have a lot of content creators and we understand that alot of raw computing power is required for the it. We have a bunch of options for the creative out there, so you can be at the centre and the technology can fir right in. 

Video Editor

A story is written thrice, first in writing, second in shooting and lastly at editing. To bring your stories to life a lot of computing power is required, we have a lot of solution available for you.

Cost Efficient

We don’t burn a whole in your pocket. Our hardware costs are always to get you the best value for your money. 


Custom PC’s are not built by just putting together all the hardware from different manufacturers, they have the brands ideology inside small innovation in them. 


There are alot of gaming PC option in our catalogue. Explore all and enjoy all the games you want. 

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